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ELTAM competitions 2016

Dear teachers,

Here are the dates for this year's competitions. 

Primary schools (5th and 9th grade students) 

  • Local competitions 26.03.2016 (Saturday)
  • Regional competitions  - 16.04.2016 (Saturday)  
  • National competition - 07.05.2016 (Saturday)  


Secondary schools (2nd years students) 

  • Local and Regional competitions - 16.04.2016 (Saturday
  • National competition - 07.05.2016 (Saturday) 


All local coordinators will send emails to announce the location and times of the competitions for all regions. 

If case any teachers do not get an mail with the location and times of the comapetitions please contact your local coordinator for information. You can find the names/mail addresses/telephone numbers of all local coordinators here (for primary schools) and here (for secondary schools). 

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