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Young Learners and Teenagers SIG

Goals and objectives

The Young Learners and Teenagers SIG is an active Special Interest Group that provides a forum for learning, sharing and doing research of all kinds connected to English language teaching and learning, focusing on young learners of the language (including teenagers).


Coordinator: Marija Dzonova

Co-coordinator: Selpi Poshka



Focus of interest? - Language education of 6-18 year-olds. The issue of what is the best age to start learning a second language has gained a lot of attention in recent years. Many countries have lowered the age for compulsory English and that has put English language teachers in a new and challenging situation. The YLT SIG focuses on all aspects of teaching this particular group of students.



Goals and objectives of the ELTAM YLT SIG:

The purpose of this SIG is to offer the opportunity for its members and other members of ELTAM more insight into this field of ELT. With this purpose in mind, all members of the SIG will be actively involved. The YLT SIG will serve:

- To present a forum for exchange of ideas and information among teachers interested in the field;

- To offer a different kind of teacher development;

- To attract teachers from different educational levels and with different professional experience.


Projected course of action for the ELTAM YLT SIG:

a)      Regular meetings of YLT SIG in order to discuss different issues and exchange ideas and experiences (Skype meetings are an option);

b)     Presentations by experts from Macedonia and from the region;

c)      Monthly workshops (with experts) free of charge to all members of ELTAM and the SIG (in different cities, done by the members of the SIG - Skopje, Kratovo, Struga, Bitola);

d)      Organization of pre-conference workshops or conference seminars at ELTAM international biannual conferences (organizing a joint event with IATEFL's YLT SIG);

e)       Initiating YLT projects carried out by the members.




Members of ELTAM who are not members of the SIG, and ELTAM non-members will pay a small fee in order to cover the costs.

Certificates will not be issued for every workshop, possibly after attending a certain number of workshops.