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The Macedonian C.A.R.E. Project


Event date:  Spring and early Summer, 2005
Number: 100 English language teachers in Struga, Strumica, Veles and Tetovo

The C.A.R.E. (Community Awareness of Regional English) Project evolved to create teacher development opportunities outside the capital of Skopje and to stimulate activity in the regional branches of ELTAM. The project reached out to communities that are traditionally underserved. Dolores Gephart and Robert Brame, ESP - ELFs in Macedonia, and Fanija Smickovska, ELTAM Committee Member, led others in addressing these problems that former ELF Leah Reinstein originally identified.

During the spring and early summer, a series of teacher training workshops were held on Saturdays in the cities of Struga, Strumica, Veles, and SEEU (Southeastern European University) in Tetovo. RELO Budapest provided the travel grant for ELF presenters: Sharon Danseau and Andy Halvorsen from Albania; Michelle Gaston, Philip Bataglia and Travis Thurston from Kosovo; and Charlotte Osuna from Serbia. The PAO in Skopje contributed the grant for teacher enrichment materials for the classrooms. OSCE offered to sponsor rural teachers to attend. Members of ELTAM served as regional coordinators who recruited and organized the local venues: Aleksandra Popovski Golubovic from Struga, Risto Kostadinov from Strumica, Jagoda Trajcova from Veles and Kujtim Ramadani from Tetovo.

A publication of workshop materials was distributed outside of the capital of Skopje and was disseminated afterwards to all the participants.

Sustainability is ensured through the continuity of the ELTAM Project in 2005-2006 which aimed at training members to hold interactive workshops for teacher training.