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The benefits of being an ELTAM member are multifold: first and foremost, you become part of a growing network of enthusiastic teachers of English in Macedonia and by sharing your ideas and experiences with them you develop professionally. You have the opportunity of attending or participating in ELTAM's biannual Conference (and other seminars and workshops organized by ELTAM) at a reduced rate, and the same goes for conferences in the countries of ELTAM's partner associations (see the ABOUT US section for more information on the partner associations). In addition, annually you receive three issues of the ELTAM Newsletter (January, May and September), as well as become part of the ELTAM Yahoo Group and the closed Facebook group ELTAM MACEDONIA. These will be sources for information on all ELTAM-related activities.


If you are interested in joining ELTAM, all you should do is fill out the membership application form below with your personal details and pay the membership fee. You will find instructions for filling out the bank payment slip below. The payment can be made either at a post office or at a bank. Afterwards, send a scanned copy of the receipt via email to the Membership Secretary, Valentina Kikerkova (her email can be found in the CONTACT US section). There are three types of membership fee that you can choose from:   teachers (individual) - 500 MKD;   students (individual) - 300 MKD;  and institutional (up to 5 members) - 1,500 MKD.

As a new member you get a membership ID number, and your name along with the expiry date is inserted in the list of ELTAM members. Every ELTAM member receives a card via post showing their name, membership ID number and when it is valid to.

Since ELTAM is based on the principle of rolling membership, you need to renew it every year. You can always check your date of membership on our ELTAM website.


- Уплатница образец ПП10 -

Цел на дознака: Членарина за 20__ година

Назив и седиште на примач: Асоцијација на наставници по англиски јазик на Р. Македонија

Банка на примач: Комерцијална Банка

Трансакциска сметка: 300000000756151

Износ: _____ денари

Шифра: 281


Please fill in the membership form at the following link

English Language Teachers’ Association of Macedonia

Асоцијација на наставници по англиски јазик на Р. Македонија