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Getting CLILed? Join CLIL SIG


The CLIL SIG within ELTAM was founded in June 2005 in order to introduce the CLIL concept and to gain active support for this work in the wider educational scheme in R. Macedonia. Among the other objectives of the group are to provide conditions for operational networking in the region through sharing the experience with colleagues from the neighboring countries, to organize and motivate teachers and students to implement CLIL in their daily classes, and to enable teachers (both subject and language) to use CLIL in ways relevant to their needs and wants.

CLIL is an educational approach in which non-language subjects are taught through a foreign, second or other additional language. The group highlights the need to focus on meaning, alongside form, to achieve best practice. Through establishing a sustainable network of ‘CLILers’ who will use CLIL in their classrooms on a regular basis, the group aims at increased students’ motivation in the learning of the English language. The efforts will be directed towards transparent informing and involvement of as many teachers and student teachers as possible.


At the moment, the CLIL SIG isn't actively functioning.