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Dramatically Challenged: Drama SIG

The MADCAP Drama Project started in 2003 as a British Council funded effort to promote Drama and Storytelling in ELT and has since 2005 functioned as a SIG within ELTAM. The project's main objective is to increase the interest among both teachers and students in using various forms of drama and theatre in ELT as part of the concept of Content Based Learning. Supplying content to language learning has proved to engage the learner and stimulate participation. Moreover, assuming roles reduces stress, thus facilitating language acquisition, while encouraging learners to take responsibility for their own learning.

Among the most prominent MADCAP Drama Project activities are the two "Drama in ELT" Summer Schools held in 2003 and 2004, which introduced the participants to the basic Drama and Storytelling techniques to be used in the classroom. Two National Drama Festivals were organised as immediate follow-up to the summer schools, the second of which animated as many as 30 teachers and around 300 students of different ages, from young learners to teenagers. Several workshops were organised too, some presenting new drama techniques for the EL classroom, some feeding back on recent drama conferences and events. The beginning of 2006 was marked with an intensive course on How to Write a Play, preparing teachers to guide students in the creative process of producing a play of their own.

Apart from the basic objective to motivate teachers to use Drama in their ELT practice in a more informed way and to encourage students to participate actively in Drama and other creative activities, thus increasing their motivation for learning the English language, the project also aims at developing and expanding a widespread network of interested-in-drama ELT professionals in the country and in the region, which in turn will provide conditions for future sustainable development.


At the moment, the Drama SIG isn't actively functioning.